The SAGC academic model consists of essential competencies that can be used for curricula development, assessment of academic programmes or persons applying for registration with the professional body.

Development of the Self Assessment Tool

The Self Assessment Tool (SAT) is quite elementary in terms of its requirements. The system provide for two databases to cater for the academic framework and programme to be assessed. The administrator view allow for the maintenance of the system including updating the different frameworks and competency sets as well as the content of pages such as Home and About the Tool.

The SAT will significantly simplify the programme accreditation process as it will provide a common reference. The SAT is designed to support curriculum development, guide the accreditation of universities and facilitate the registration of GISc applications with the respective professional body. 

About the tool

By clicking on the button About the Tool the user will access information giving a brief background on the development of the assessment tool as well as how to apply the tool during the assessment process. 

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